Friday, July 8, 2011

I haven't forgot you guys, but other things are in my head right now

The end of June was busy and, this month, this middle of the summer month, this hot month, this month of memories, July is already showing itself as a hard month. I knew it would be, but I didn't plan on the tears and heartache showing itself so early. But I'm not surprised.

Therefore, I can't promise consistent posts. I can't promise happy posts. I can't promise sad posts. I can't promise funny posts. I can't promise serious posts. I can't promise any posts. But I do appreciate knowing that you guys are here for me as I need you and I thank you for that.

This song kinda says what's on my mind.

The last few lines really ring true to me.
I never got to set my wheels in motion
But they loved me just the same
And they didn't even know my name
Didn’t even know my name
You loved me just the same
And you didn’t even know my name