Saturday, October 8, 2011

OWT: Mom's Beauty

This OWT depends on T being honest with me. It deals with my current looks. Poor guy.

The OWT says that a girl will steal her mother's looks, while a boy will make her more beautiful. In other words, boy children make the woman even prettier and girl children keep her the same (or worse when you start talking about the acne and morning sickness green hues). I can't accurately answer this by looking in a mirror so I'm going to ask T. This is almost the pregnant woman's version of "Does this dress make my butt look big?" so I feel for him and hope he answers honestly. If not, then the scientific accuracy of this OWT series is RUINED! [<--- sarcasm, yo]

T says... I look the same. And he is the type to go for more brownie points right now with an answer of "Oh, honey! You are so beautiful now!" I honestly love his honesty. Honest.

So this is a point for a girl, bringing our total up to 8 OWT for girl and 3 for boy.

Friday, October 7, 2011

OWT: Preferred side of sleep

Today's OWT is brought to you by sleep. More specifically, the side I am currently preferring to sleep on.

Pre-pregnancy, I couldn't fall asleep unless I was on my right side (sometimes, very rarely, my stomach). These days, I find myself tossing and turning, struggling to find a comfortable position, before I can fall asleep. However, I seem to wake up several times a night on my right side, usually with my left leg thrown over poor T or kicking him. So I'm going to say I prefer to sleep on my right side, even if the Timmy wishes it were different.

The OWT says that those pregnant women who prefer to sleep on their left side (like all good pregnant women are recommended to do) are having a boy. I, on the other hand, am apparently not a rule follower and prefer the right side, which the old wives say means girl. Point for girl. (And here I thought team boy was going to catch up!)

Total: 7 OWT for girl and 3 OWT for boy

Thursday, October 6, 2011

OWT: Clumsiness vs gracefulness

Today's OWT is about my lovely gracefulness versus my horrid clumsiness.

Anyone who knows me knows I am NOT the most graceful person in the world by any means. This pregnancy has not helped this. I find myself running into walls, stumbling while standing still, dropping things when I really should have a good grasp on it, etc. Not pretty.

Those old wives believe that being pregnant with a girl brings grace and a boy brings many broken dishes and bruises. And I... I am far from graceful. This is a no brainer point for boy.

OWT total: 6 OWT for girl and 3 for boy.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

OWT: History of Parent's Kids

Today's OWT deals with the history of Parent's Kids. This one can be more complicated though and will only work if your parents had 3 (or more) kids.

From His Boys Can Swim [OWT #25]:

You can find out the sex by going off of your parent’s kids and the order.  If you are the first born, you will have what your mother had but starting with her second child.  If you are the middle child, you will have what she had, but starting with the third child.  If you are the last child, you will have what your mother had in the exact order.

Both T and I are from 3 kid families. I am the last child with two older brothers, so if this one is right, then I should have a boy, then another boy, then a girl. This could work because my middle brother had a girl first, like the OWT would claim should happen.

T is the middle child with two sisters. If we were to go by his family, we should have a girl, another girl, then a boy.

However, I think we are supposed to go by my family on this one, giving another point to the boy side.

OWT total: 6 OWT for team girl, 2 OWT for team boy

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

OWT: Morning Sickness

Today's OWT deals with that nasty feeling and experience: morning sickness. I think it's mean that they try to trick you into think that "morning" sickness only happens in the morning. BS! That sucker happens any time of the day without warning. Psssssshhhhhh!

The OWT says that if you experience horrid morning sickness, then chances are baby is a girl. If not, boy. I have been nauseated without fail since about 8 weeks, but I've only thrown up a handful of times. Therefore, I'm not sure what to put as the winner here. I'm leaning towards the horrid morning sickness part because it's only gotten worse since I've entered the 2nd trimester, instead of better (like the books and websites say). This would mean that this OWT would be girl.

Total: 6 OWT for girl and 1 OWT for boy.

Monday, October 3, 2011

OWT: Dreams

Today's OWT is about dreams. I have had a dream (or two) about Baby M so far. Usually my dreams are kinda crazy and not about babies (like last night's dream where I was a horse dressed as a woman dressing as a man on a train during the Civil War... Yeah. I said they were crazy.), so the two dreams about Baby M stick out.

One of them was a little too crazy to use for this OWT. Baby M looked like a monkey (like, literally, a monkey) and have no definite gender that I knew of. The other had Baby M starring as a newborn little baby boy that we were excited about, but we then went off pretty quickly to adopt a second child. I thought this was my subconscious telling me Baby M was a boy.

Well, the OWT says things aren't that clear cut when it comes to the dreams. According to The Road to Happily Ever After, who read it on His Boys Can Swim [OWT#32], dreaming of a certain gender means you are having the OPPOSITE gender.

Therefore, according to this OWT, Baby M is a girl.

That brings us to 5 OWT for girl and 1 OWT for boy.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

OWT: Acne

Today's OWT is about acne. Apparently, if you have more acne while pregnant, it means you are having a girl. If you have the same amount (or less) than you did pre-pregnancy, then you are having a boy.

Considering I have more acne now than I did at any point during my teenage years, I would say that is pointing towards girl.

That brings us to 4 OWT for girl and 1 OWT for boy.

Side note: If anyone has any safe (and inexpensive) ways to help get rid of acne, please share. Like I said, I never had to deal with this before, even as a teen!