Saturday, October 8, 2011

OWT: Mom's Beauty

This OWT depends on T being honest with me. It deals with my current looks. Poor guy.

The OWT says that a girl will steal her mother's looks, while a boy will make her more beautiful. In other words, boy children make the woman even prettier and girl children keep her the same (or worse when you start talking about the acne and morning sickness green hues). I can't accurately answer this by looking in a mirror so I'm going to ask T. This is almost the pregnant woman's version of "Does this dress make my butt look big?" so I feel for him and hope he answers honestly. If not, then the scientific accuracy of this OWT series is RUINED! [<--- sarcasm, yo]

T says... I look the same. And he is the type to go for more brownie points right now with an answer of "Oh, honey! You are so beautiful now!" I honestly love his honesty. Honest.

So this is a point for a girl, bringing our total up to 8 OWT for girl and 3 for boy.

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