Monday, October 3, 2011

OWT: Dreams

Today's OWT is about dreams. I have had a dream (or two) about Baby M so far. Usually my dreams are kinda crazy and not about babies (like last night's dream where I was a horse dressed as a woman dressing as a man on a train during the Civil War... Yeah. I said they were crazy.), so the two dreams about Baby M stick out.

One of them was a little too crazy to use for this OWT. Baby M looked like a monkey (like, literally, a monkey) and have no definite gender that I knew of. The other had Baby M starring as a newborn little baby boy that we were excited about, but we then went off pretty quickly to adopt a second child. I thought this was my subconscious telling me Baby M was a boy.

Well, the OWT says things aren't that clear cut when it comes to the dreams. According to The Road to Happily Ever After, who read it on His Boys Can Swim [OWT#32], dreaming of a certain gender means you are having the OPPOSITE gender.

Therefore, according to this OWT, Baby M is a girl.

That brings us to 5 OWT for girl and 1 OWT for boy.

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