Saturday, April 30, 2011

Like a modern day fairytale

I know most of you are tired of hearing about the royal wedding, but I wanted to document it for myself for later.

Yes, I did watch the wedding, obviously. However, I didn't watch it live. 4 am is way to early for me. Instead, I DVRed it and watched it about 12 hours later. I am glad I saw it, but I kinda regret not watching it live. Maybe I should have forced myself awake that early. This will be something to tell future children and grandchildren about. I mean, people are still talking about Charles and Diana's wedding this many years later.

I think the wedding was absolutely beautiful. From the royals and the abbey to the dresses and the choir. Beautiful. I'm super glad, though, that I wasn't in their position. It would be too big and too crazy for my liking. However, it still reminds me a bit of a Disney rags-to-riches movie. A commoner marries a prince,  becomes a princess in line to, perhaps, become queen someday.

Check out some of my favorite pictures:

They look like fairytale dolls.

Love this dress!

The Queen wore my favorite color! High five!
Check out the bridesmaid/flower girl in the bottom corner. Hilarious!

The hats! Oh, those crazy hats! How do they even keep them on???

Monday, April 25, 2011

I like cartoons. So what?

Even though it is meant for children who are much younger than I am, this Arthur episode makes some good points for bloggers and people who want to be bloggers.

It does make me wonder about my blog. What is my angle? What do I write about that has you guys coming back for more? What would you like to see more of, never see again or just see me write about that I haven't covered yet?

Seriously. I want your feedback.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

O death, Where is your sting?

Today, our church played this video while singing. It was a powerful moment. This song fills me with happiness and hope. :)

Our God isn't dead. He's alive!

He did what?!? For me!?!

Happy Easter!

Ducklings wish you a Happy Easter, too!
While I grew up knowing that Easter was celebrated because Jesus died and then rose from the dead a few days later, mostly Easter was a holiday for chocolate, pretty colored eggs and bunnies. I would wake up to an Easter basket at the front door, full of candies and goodies. We would get dressed in nice clothes (perhaps new, but I don't remember if they were or not) and go to church with my grandparents. Yes, we were that kind of family. You know, twice a year church goers, except we would go Easter and Mother's day (instead of the usual Easter and Christmas). Then, after church, there would be good food (Honey baked Ham FTW!) and occasional Easter egg hunts. The real meaning of Easter was lost on me.

Until now.

T has helped and encouraged me to learn more about the Bible since the day I met him. Not to go in to details, but our first fight was about Easter. That was the night it rained Ravioli and why we are eating ravioli today. I was uninformed about the importance of this weekend until T came into my life.

I now know that we celebrate Easter because not only did Jesus die, but He died on that cross for OUR sins. He was the ultimate sacrifice. That in itself is reason to be thankful, but what happened next... Well, it's pretty amazing. Jesus rose from the dead. Yeah. Pretty awesome, huh? :)

I'm still in awe that He would die for me. It brings tears to my eyes just trying to wrap my head around the fact.