Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ultrasound results... the semi-scary part

First, I want to say that I am healthy and San Francisco is healthy (and super active). This was just a little concern that the U/S tech and OB had in regards to my darling gestating fetus.

SF's umbilical cord only has two vessels. Most cords have three. Apparently, she is missing the one that removes something from her body (what... I don't know/remember). The doc says that this is somewhat rare, but not too unheard of. It's not causing any problems and the only concern would be for her growth towards the end. Normally, they would call for multiple u/s towards the end to measure, but I'll already be getting them because of our good old friend diabetes. Just in case this cord issue is related to a vascular issue, they are sending me to get a fetal echocardiogram in a month to check her little heart and make sure there aren't any problems. But no problems due to my diabetes!

I did something stupid when I came home though. I googled this. They should've said DON'T GOOGLE THIS, YOU HORMONAL PREGNANT WOMAN! I doubt I would've listened, but still. Dr. Google says this can cause stillbirths. That this could be a sign of the many trisomys that mean stillbirth or death shortly after birth. That this could be bad. Really, really bad. But, as I read, I saw that she doesn't have any of the soft markers for any of them. No clenched fists. No abnormal brain anything. No open spine. Perfect kidneys. Perfect heart. Nuchal fold looks good. No missing nasal bone. She's measuring well for her gestational age. It just worries me.

I go to my normal OB appointment on Monday and I plan on asking him all sorts of questions about this, but I have to have faith that this is all going to be ok. That's all I can do: Have a little faith and pray.

Friday, October 21, 2011

It's a......

Baby M is a.......

Little Baby.....


Meet my daughter(!) SFM (aka San Francisco online).
We are so happy! So unbelievably happy!

Everything just became so much more real.... :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

OWT: Finale

I know you all are waiting for the results of the ultrasound and to see if all of these OWT were even close.

But, first, let's see how you guys voted in my poll.

14 of you voted: 11 for girl and 3 for boy
21 OWT done: 15 OWT for girl and 6 OWT for boy

So from the votes of the 21 old wives and the 14 of you, we have 26 votes for girl and 9 votes for boy

Looks like girl won the online votes! 

Now for the ultrasound results..... 
We found out the gender via the frosting color inside a cupcake. Our friend owns a delicious bakery here in Charlotte (The Blushing Bakeshop in Ballentyne, FYI) and she volunteered to make us this very special cupcake. We took her the result in a sealed envelope after the ultrasound and she made us this:

What color was inside?

You have to wait until Friday evening!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

OWT: Toddler boys

This OWT (and our final one! Wow!) is about the attention I am given by toddler boys.

I volunteer in our church's nursery, so I had plenty of kids to try this with, not to mention the (almost 11 month old boy I nanny). And can I say? Those little boys seem to love me. A couple of weekends ago, I was the only one who one little boy wanted around. Kinda cute (yet kinda tiring).

The OWT says that toddler boys (why not girls? I don't know) will show you interest if you are pregnant with a girl. Pregnant with a boy? No interest. Point for girl.

Total (final total tomorrow!): 15 OWT for girl and 6 OWT for boy


Review the OWT (final OWT will come tonight around 5) and vote in the gender poll now! We find out tomorrow what Baby M is!

I promise to tell you guys as soon as we tell our families. They get to know first!

I'm so excited. I'm not sure how I'll be able to sleep. :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

OWT: Headaches

Today's OWT is quite appropriate. It's about headaches. And I have one right now.

I've had several headaches. Several. And they haven't been too pleasant. Usually escalating to a point of nausea and such pain that can only bring me to tears and make me want to hole up in a dark room until I die (because I can't imagine the headache ending any other way). But this isn't new. I'm no stranger to headaches, but during pregnancy, when I can hardly take anything for them, they are killers.

The OWT says that if you get several bad headaches while pregnant, you are having a boy. I'm not sure if this counts for me because I'm not getting headaches any more often than before. I just can't use drugs to get rid of them. Either way, I'm giving this point to the boy team.

Totals: 14 for girl and 6 for boy

19 weeks

How Far Along? 19-ish weeks
Picture?  Not this week... I've been too sick :(

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 0 gained
Size of baby:  A large tomato or a baking potato
Maternity Clothes: A friend gave me a bunch of 3/4 sleeve tops so fall is taken care of. Now I just need to keep an eye out for winter deals
Gender: Wednesday!
Movement: weird feelings, but I don't know if it is movement. How do you know?
Sleep: Sleep has been rough, but highly desired. Silly cold.
What I miss: Being able to breathe out of my nose. Hopefully this will be better in a day or so.
Cravings: Nope. This cold has taken away any trace of an appetite that I had.
Anything Making You Queasy or Sick? Meat cooking.
Belly Button In or Out: Innie
Happy or Moody Most of the Time? Tired
Stretch Marks? Only the old ones
Other Symptoms: Lightheadedness
Have You Started to Show Yet? Still look chubby, but that chub feels harder than it used to.
Best Moment of the Week? Getting baby things from a friend who no longer needs them
Looking Forward To: Wednesday's ultrasound and gender peek :)  And finally being able to register.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

OWT: Dad's weight gain

Today's OWT looks at a very important question: Has T gained any weight since I've been pregnant?

I asked him a few days ago if he thought he had gained any weight since we found out I was pregnant and his answer? Oh yes. He may read this so I'm not giving my opinion either way. We'll just go with his yes.

The OWT says that when momma is pregnant with a girl, papa will gain weight right along with her. If it's a boy, not so much. Point for girl.

OWT totals: 14 for girl and 5 for boy