Saturday, August 2, 2014

OWT: Headaches

I've had several headaches. Several. And they haven't been too pleasant. Usually escalating to a point of nausea and such pain that can only bring me to tears and make me want to hole up in a dark room until I die (because I can't imagine the headache ending any other way). But this isn't new. I'm no stranger to headaches, but during pregnancy, when I can hardly take anything for them, they are killers.

The OWT says that if you get several bad headaches while pregnant, you are having a boy. I'm not sure if this counts for me because I'm not getting headaches any more often than before. I just can't use drugs to get rid of them. Either way, I'm giving this point to the boy team.

Girl- 3, Boy- 1

Friday, August 1, 2014

OWT: Acne

This OWT is about acne. Apparently, if you have more acne while pregnant, it means you are having a girl. If you have the same amount (or less) than you did pre-pregnancy, then you are having a boy.

My acne is unbelievably bad for my normally clear skin. Annoying so. This means Girl.

Girl- 3, Boy- 0

Thursday, July 31, 2014

OWT: Morning Sickness

The OWT says that if you experience horrid morning sickness, then chances are baby is a girl. If not, boy. I have been nauseated without fail since so early on (like 15-20 hrs a day until the last few weeks. Now it's about 1-4 hrs a day). Therefore, I'm saying I've had pretty bad morning sickness so far, staying pretty annoying since I've entered the 2nd trimester, instead of going away (like the books and websites say). This would mean that this OWT would be girl.

Girl- 2, Boy- 0

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

OWT: Heartbeat

One of the most frequently asked about Old Wives Tale is about baby's heartbeat. Over 140- Girl, Under 140- Boy

Winner of this OWT with a heartbeat of 169 (and 154 at last appt)= Girl

Girl- 1  Boy-0

Monday, July 28, 2014

Baby update

Sorry that I shared the news and then disappeared. Everything is still going well (as far as I know). Baby seems to be growing as expected.

We will be finding out on August 14 if we should be buying more pink or if we should breakout some blue! I have put up a poll up at the top on the left hand side for you to leave your guess. I plan on posting blogs with my answers for some of those Old Wives Tales (OWT) you always hear about like I did for Selah. The answers for those were pretty accurate. It said She would be a girl and she is!

So keep your eyes peeled for some OWT posts and vote in my poll!