Saturday, October 1, 2011

OWT: Mayan Gender Charts

Most of you guys have heard of the Chinese Gender Charts, but have you heard of the Mayan Gender Charts? I hadn't until I was reading the OWT series over at The Road To Happily Ever After.

Apparently, the Mayan Gender charts are figured out like this: Mother's age and year of conception both even or both odd, baby is girl. If the mother's age is even and the year of conception is odd (or vice versa), then baby is boy.

Well, I was 27 when I conceived and I conceived in 2011, which are both odd. Therefore, according to the Mayan Gender Charts, Baby M is a girl.

That brings the totals up to 3 OWT for girl and 1 OWT for boy.

Nursery: Part One

We have furniture!

The nursery walls have been painted this bright aqua/turquoise/teal since February in hopes that it'd be used for this very purpose. The actual color is called Mermaid Treasure. Sure, it's bright, but it's such a happy color. Shades of turquoise also help encourage creativity. And you all know that, to be my child, you need to be creative.

Total we spent on all of the furniture we need for the nursery (this also includes an Eddie Bauer high chair that's not pictured): Less than $450. Plus, people, that recliner is brand new. :)

Friday, September 30, 2011

OWT: Chinese Gender Charts

Today's OWT is a pretty common one: the Chinese Gender Charts.

While I have checked a few charts and have received an answer of both male and female from the charts, I will count the one I have received most often.

I conceived during the month of June and I had just turned 27 when I conceived. According to this Chinese Gender Chart, Baby M is a boy.

That brings us to 2 OWT for girl and 1 OWT for boy

17 weeks

How Far Along? 17-ish weeks

See? I still just look fat, not pregnant

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 0 gained.... yet
Size of baby: A pear?
Maternity Clothes: They are so comfortable right now. Why do women fight them? But I do need some style ideas.

Gender: October 19!
Movement: I don't even know
Sleep: Not well
What I miss: (Semi)Predictable blood sugars
Cravings: Shrimp cocktail and (Thanksgiving) turkey sandwich on fresh white bread with fresh lettuce. Crazy because I hate turkey
Anything Making You Queasy or Sick? Meat cooking.

Belly Button In or Out: Innie
Happy or Moody Most of the Time? This week has been too crazy to analyze
Stretch Marks? Only the old ones
Other Symptoms: Spontaneous burps that sound like hiccups
Have You Started to Show Yet? Check the picture. I still look mostly fat.
Best Moment of the Week? Living

Looking Forward To: Finding out gender!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Last night

Last night, we had friends over.

Last night, we had a lovely high carb dinner of pizza and brownies.

Last night, I passed out due to low blood sugar.

I tested my blood sugar around 11:30-12 last night and saw a scary 29 looking back at me. I ate 5 glucose tablets and went to the kitchen for a juice box. I got to the juice box in the kitchen, drank it and returned to the bedroom. I didn't make it. That's the last I remember.

Apparently, I fell and it made loud enough of a thud that it woke my husband up and caused the dogs to start barking. Apparently, I was talking to my husband, telling him I was low. Apparently, I ate several (more) of the glucose tablets he gave me and some of the juice he gave me. Apparently, he tried to test my blood sugar to find out how low I was. Apparently, I started fighting it. Apparently, I spit out the sugar he put between my lips and gums. Apparently because I don't remember any of this.

He called 911. He told them that his pregnant, type 1 diabetic wife had fallen and was unresponsive, due to low blood sugar. They told him they would send someone right away. He was afraid I wasn't going to make it.

They sent a fire truck and ambulance. I was told there were a total of 18 people at our house at one point, but I only saw the two that were there when I finally came to. Paramedics tried raising my blood sugar (from the 52 they recorded from when they got there) however they could, finally having to settle on an iv. According to my hands and my husband, they had a really hard time, but they did finally get one in and shot me full of dextrose (I think. That's what I was told anyways.). At some point, I started throwing up (including something blue, which, seriously? How? If you know me IRL, you know I don't eat blue foods.).

I remember thinking I was dreaming when I finally started coming around TWO HOURS LATER. These big guys I didn't know were standing in my laundry room, asking me questions (like did I know where I was, what was my birthday and if I knew the man standing next to them [I did. It was T.]). I was covered in vomit. My hands were covered in blood and one had an iv. They tested again and I was 140 something. They asked if I hurt. I said no. I stood for a while in my bathroom, shivering and disgustingly filthy, while they finished paperwork. A hot shower was such lovely thing to look forward to enjoying. They asked if I wanted to go to the hospital. I started to say no, but then wondered if I should for the baby. They thought I could just call the dr today and see what he thought. So I didn't go to the hospital.

I am fine now, just sore. Last night certainly scared me and I know it scared my husband. If it weren't for him, I'd be a blue candle (any time a life is lost to diabetes, parents of children with diabetes - and diabetics themselves, change their profile pic to an image of a blue candle). He saved my life. He saved the life we created together. Without him..... I don't even want to think about it.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tweet, tweet!

Hey guys! I've been a bit sporadic posting on here and I am truly sorry. If you want to know what's on my mind and what I'm doing more often, follow me on twitter. @jemini602

That's where you'll find me. Quick updates are such a joy sometimes. :)