Thursday, April 1, 2010

I got some news!

I just found out a bunch of excellent news!

I purchased a Powerball lottery ticket for last night's drawing.... and won! I won $81 million dollars! Please please please don't tell the Timmy. We plan on leaving him now that I have this money and move to France. Yes, we. Me and my unborn children. I didn't tell you guys I'm pregnant with twins? Oops. I thought it'd be best not to. You see, the Timmy and I are not quite sure who the father is.

Well, anyways, I'll be quitting my job and moving as soon as the money comes in. I have one last thing to say to you guys: April Fools!


Yes. Everything above is a joke. I didn't win the lottery. Heck. I don't even play. I would NEVER leave the Timmy nor would I ever cheat on him. We are still very, very much in love and nothing could change that. I am not quitting my job and moving to France, even though I'd love to one day. And, last but not least, I am NOT pregnant, especially not with twins. But I do know someone who is!

So, to confirm, no lottery, no divorcing, no twins, no quitting. Got it? Good. I just had to make sure. :)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


52. Crochet a baby blanket

It's coming along quite well. I hope the baby that will be getting this will love it. Or at least the parents won't think it's hideous. It is my first crocheting project. Ever.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I've had a completely low BS day! Here's to another one tomorrow!

I gotta keep it up if I am to achieve my goals. :)