Saturday, June 8, 2013

Be Happy Challenge: Your top 3 favorite blogs to read and why

My top 3 favorite blogs (in no particular order) are:

Lost and Not Found- I know the blog author IRL (somewhat. It's my goal this year to become her friend offline. You hear that, Jill?). She's hilarious. Her vahhhh-looogggggggs are extremely entertaining. More reasons, but I don't want to seem creepy since she may be reading this.

Always, Katie- A fabulously talented lady that I am privileged to know in real life. Blogs about crafts, handmade beaded jewelry, a adorable dogson named Charley and the quest to have a baby as a type 1 diabetic with PCOS. And I seriously hope that last quest happens sooner than later.

Swistle- A baby naming blog. No. I'm not pregnant. Yes. I am a name nerd. I love love love seeing people's thought processes for naming their kids (or pets. whatever.) and the final choices.

This is just a random three. I do have some I love to read more (people I know in real life), but I won't publicize their blogs due to requests for confidentiality.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Be Happy Challenge: If I could have one superpower...

If I could have one super power, I'd probably enjoy having the power to help people obtain their deepest (innocent) desire. You want a good job in your ideal location? Done. New home? Done. Baby? Get ready. More time with a loved one? Done. A cure for ___? Done. Bills paid for? Done.

I know it could backfire, but I'd hope it could make a difference.

Missing this "Due Date"

My baby was never born so I don't know if it qualifies as having died, but I will protect it's memory none the less.

I wish I could be meeting you, seeing your face and holding you in my arms for the first time this week, little one, but I will have to wait until we meet in heaven some day. Enjoy the warmth of your grandfather's arms and our Father's love, my dear.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Be Happy Challenge: Three Ways to win my heart

Ways to win my heart

1. Love my baby without abandon (but not in a creepy way)

2. Humor my coffee addiction (3 stars left until gold!)

3. Be kind and laugh without fear (Yes. I do understand that's technically two.)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Be Happy Challenge: Home


First thing that comes to mind when I hear that word is the place I live.

Old picture from when we moved in
But, really, home is much more than that. Home is where you kick your shoes off at the end of the day. Home is where you tuck yourself and your family in at night. Home is where you bring your new baby for the first time.

 Home is where you make dinner to the soundtrack of a TV blaring, music playing, dogs barking and babies jabbering. Home is where your once decently decorated home becomes overrun by toys (Pet, baby or spouses). Home is where friends come when they need to getaway. Home is where tiny puppies experience snow for the first time.

Not so tiny here
Home is more than just the roof over your head. Home is the place where your memories are made. It may not always be neat and tidy (especially if you have a baby or a pet), but it's yours.

Welcome to a small glimpse of my home.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

So true

This video is too true. It's kinda sad. And funny.


Be Happy Challenge: Something/Someone who makes me happy


This guy and this girl:

Monday, June 3, 2013

Be Happy Challenge: What [I] wore, in detail

Today was a somewhat lazy day with a VBS training/meeting this evening so my outfit was a little plain.

Shirt(s): Light green Old Navy Henley(?) Tee
            White tank top under above tshirt (from....? Target? Probably.)

Jeans from Target from forever ago

Black and silver Reef flip flops (of course)

Tiffany's Cross necklace

No pictures because I'm no fashion blogger for a reason.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Be Happy Challenge: Morning Routine

My mornings are usually the same and that same is also boring. But, hey, that's my life. :)

-Wake up
   -If Selah is awake, go to next thing.
   -If Selah is not awake, then I will mess around on my iPhone for a bit. You know, checking emails, blogs, etc.
-When Selah is awake, I start making her breakfast (it's often mini pancakes and/or fruit) and get her milk sippy cup ready (including vitamins).
-Let Ellie out and feed the dogs.
-Go upstairs and rescue Selah from her crib.
-Change diaper and pick out her clothes for the day.
-Make up her crib.
-Bring Selah down and place in highchair with breakfast.
-Let Ellie in if she is barking.
-Go get dressed for the day
-Do various chores while Selah sings to her breakfast.
-Once she is done, I wipe her down and get her dressed for the day.
-Clean up highchair because you know girlfriend has made a mess.
-Play, clean, play, repeat :)

Our (average) mornings aren't fancy but they are exactly what I want to be doing.


Today is my birthday! I like to say that this is my 1st 29th birthday since I may be celebrating my 29th for a few years. ;)

Me through the years (minus those awkward preteen and teen years since I don't have any of those pictures easily accessible):

29 years ago!

We still have this outfit for Selah to wear!

This shot shouldn't surprise anybody.