Sunday, June 2, 2013

Be Happy Challenge: Morning Routine

My mornings are usually the same and that same is also boring. But, hey, that's my life. :)

-Wake up
   -If Selah is awake, go to next thing.
   -If Selah is not awake, then I will mess around on my iPhone for a bit. You know, checking emails, blogs, etc.
-When Selah is awake, I start making her breakfast (it's often mini pancakes and/or fruit) and get her milk sippy cup ready (including vitamins).
-Let Ellie out and feed the dogs.
-Go upstairs and rescue Selah from her crib.
-Change diaper and pick out her clothes for the day.
-Make up her crib.
-Bring Selah down and place in highchair with breakfast.
-Let Ellie in if she is barking.
-Go get dressed for the day
-Do various chores while Selah sings to her breakfast.
-Once she is done, I wipe her down and get her dressed for the day.
-Clean up highchair because you know girlfriend has made a mess.
-Play, clean, play, repeat :)

Our (average) mornings aren't fancy but they are exactly what I want to be doing.

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