Monday, October 17, 2011

19 weeks

How Far Along? 19-ish weeks
Picture?  Not this week... I've been too sick :(

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 0 gained
Size of baby:  A large tomato or a baking potato
Maternity Clothes: A friend gave me a bunch of 3/4 sleeve tops so fall is taken care of. Now I just need to keep an eye out for winter deals
Gender: Wednesday!
Movement: weird feelings, but I don't know if it is movement. How do you know?
Sleep: Sleep has been rough, but highly desired. Silly cold.
What I miss: Being able to breathe out of my nose. Hopefully this will be better in a day or so.
Cravings: Nope. This cold has taken away any trace of an appetite that I had.
Anything Making You Queasy or Sick? Meat cooking.
Belly Button In or Out: Innie
Happy or Moody Most of the Time? Tired
Stretch Marks? Only the old ones
Other Symptoms: Lightheadedness
Have You Started to Show Yet? Still look chubby, but that chub feels harder than it used to.
Best Moment of the Week? Getting baby things from a friend who no longer needs them
Looking Forward To: Wednesday's ultrasound and gender peek :)  And finally being able to register.

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