Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ultrasound results... the semi-scary part

First, I want to say that I am healthy and San Francisco is healthy (and super active). This was just a little concern that the U/S tech and OB had in regards to my darling gestating fetus.

SF's umbilical cord only has two vessels. Most cords have three. Apparently, she is missing the one that removes something from her body (what... I don't know/remember). The doc says that this is somewhat rare, but not too unheard of. It's not causing any problems and the only concern would be for her growth towards the end. Normally, they would call for multiple u/s towards the end to measure, but I'll already be getting them because of our good old friend diabetes. Just in case this cord issue is related to a vascular issue, they are sending me to get a fetal echocardiogram in a month to check her little heart and make sure there aren't any problems. But no problems due to my diabetes!

I did something stupid when I came home though. I googled this. They should've said DON'T GOOGLE THIS, YOU HORMONAL PREGNANT WOMAN! I doubt I would've listened, but still. Dr. Google says this can cause stillbirths. That this could be a sign of the many trisomys that mean stillbirth or death shortly after birth. That this could be bad. Really, really bad. But, as I read, I saw that she doesn't have any of the soft markers for any of them. No clenched fists. No abnormal brain anything. No open spine. Perfect kidneys. Perfect heart. Nuchal fold looks good. No missing nasal bone. She's measuring well for her gestational age. It just worries me.

I go to my normal OB appointment on Monday and I plan on asking him all sorts of questions about this, but I have to have faith that this is all going to be ok. That's all I can do: Have a little faith and pray.


  1. You would've Googled it anyway...I know you. I know I can't take those fears away, but please know that I will continue to pray for you and the family. LYMI!


  2. SF will be perfect. But the worries never cease. I was worried about Joslyn the whole time, and now I worry about other things. God is in control, and who could protect her better then Him?