Tuesday, October 25, 2011

20 weeks

How Far Along? 20-ish weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 3 lost
Size of baby:  SF is a mixed drink- She's the size of a banana or a small coconut
Maternity Clothes: Yes. Still looking for some non-jean pants and a winter coat
Gender: Sugar and spice and everything nice!
Movement: Sure. I suppose. Well, it's either that or gas. YES!
Sleep: Sleep would be better if T would turn lights off i the morning after he gets ready for work at 4:30-5 am.
What I miss: Coffee
Cravings: Soft serve Ice cream. Maybe that'll be dinner tonight. You think the Timmy would go for that... again?
Anything Making You Queasy or Sick? Meat cooking. And a rotisserie chicken yesterday.
Belly Button In or Out: In
Happy or Moody Most of the Time? Moody and happy
Stretch Marks? Only the old ones
Other Symptoms: A weird tightness around my belly button when I stand up. (Due to ligaments and stretching coming from within)
Have You Started to Show Yet? I doubt it, but the nurse at my endocrinologist office said I was starting to look more pregnant at my appointment Friday
Best Moment of the Week? Finding out that it is a SHE
Looking Forward To: my anniversary trip with T in a few weeks.

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