Monday, September 19, 2011

One month and OWT info

ONE month!

"One month until what?" you may be asking.

Why, it's only one month(!) until we find out whether baby M is going to be a boy or a girl! If baby M is going to be SFM or JDM! We are going on October 19 for our (needed due to stupid diabetes) level 2 ultrasound and that's also when we'll be able to find out gender. We are super excited to have a date!

That means I only have a month to try out more OWT and I got a super list, thanks to Deanna directing me to The Road to Happily Ever After's blog journey with OWT until they found out their baby's gender.

So, from now until October 19, I will be posting often with various OWT and my results. Feel free to comment on them. Also, add what you think the baby is in the poll in the column on the side of the blog.

List of OWT that I'm going to try (hopefully):

Wedding Ring Swing
Chinese Gender Charts
Mayan Gender Predictions
Morning Sickness
History of parent's kids
Clumsiness vs gracefulness
Preferred side of sleep
Mom's beauty
Skin under left Eye
Necklace over head
Dad's Weight gain
Toddler boys
Drano/Intelligender (Unable to do, due to the fact that no store around here carries Intelligender OR the kind of Drano you need for the Drano test. Seriously!)

Which ones do you want me to do? Which ones make you go Huh?

I'm going to try to get to all of them, but I'm not sure if I can, so please tell me which interest you the most. I'll try to come back here and link to OWT as I do them. :)


  1. Thanks for the shout out =) Glad you were able to use Jenn's OWT's. I imagine she had to put a lot of research into it. I told her I will be stealing her idea as well (when the time comes.) I'm not prepared to put in my vote just yet...but I will =)

  2. aww Soo glad that you are doing this too! I had a BLAST doing it!!! And most of them turned out right =)

  3. I am interested in dad's weight gain! LOL! John gained more pregnancy weight then I did with Joslyn. Of course he lost it all and I still gain! Go figure! I am sure that baby M is a girl, but it is possible that I could be wrong, but I doubt it! HEHE! Can't wait till Oct 19th!