Tuesday, October 11, 2011

OWT: Moodiness

Today's OWT will make the Timmy laugh that I am even questioning it. This one deals with moods and their horrible swings.

I am usually a bit of a sassafras, but, since being pregnant, I have been so moody. I seem to go from happy to upset super quickly and I've unfortunately (and uncontrollably) been taking some things too seriously that I normally could let just roll off my back. So between being super moody and being super happy, there's no question that I have been supper moody.

The OWT says that if you are moody, you are having a girl (What are they trying to say about females being moody here, huh?). If you haven't been majorly moody, if happiness has ruled you since becoming pregnant, then a boy is in your belly. This point has to go with the moodiness and team girl.

OWT total= 11 OWT for team girl and 3 for team boy

Boy OWT really need to work hard to catch up!


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