Wednesday, October 12, 2011

OWT: Bread

Today's OWT is another food related tale about the heels of bread.

I've never liked to eat the heels. I will usually even skip the piece next to the heel. I just don't like it and I still don't. Seriously, who does?

The tale from those old wives says that if you enjoy eating the heel of bread while pregnant, you are going to have a boy. If you prefer the middle, it's a girl. So, in this case, girl it is!

OWT total: 12 OWT for girl and 3 for boy

**How does this OWT have anything to do with baby gender? Seriously.


  1. LOL! I am so glad that we don't have old wives tales as the only way to tell gender anymore. How funny they are!

  2. pink pink and more pink. murphy's law says it'll prob be a boy now!

  3. Ewww- I call that piece of bread the "butt." It's crazy how similar we are, lol...I skip over a piece or two next to the butt end. Less than week and we'll find out for certain! :-)


  4. Megin- Why should I eat anything called the "butt"? Nasty.