Tuesday, October 11, 2011

September 11: 10 years and one month later

On September 11 this year, I posted two lighthearted video, but I didn't forget. I felt the sadness remembering. I just didn't think I could handle all that was shown and typed on that day and come out in one piece emotionally, especially if I delved deep into my memories.

So I didn't.

But I am now, one month later, because we should remember all of the people who've given their lives all the time and not just once a year.

 Here are two videos my church showed on 9-11 about where some of our attenders and members were on that day and how it affected them.

I was sitting in my senior English class in high school when somebody came in and told the teacher to turn on the news. She did and we were all watching, in disbelief, when the planes hit the second building. We were all watching, in shock, as people started jumping to their deaths out of the buildings. We were all watching, in tears, as the buildings fell.

And we were all changed.

Where were you?

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  1. John and I were in Pennsylvania, less than 100 miles away from ground zero and pretty close to the plane that went down. Your hubby had just left New York a few days before hand