Sunday, October 9, 2011

OWT: Cravings

Today's OWT is about my cravings. Are they salty? Are they sweet?

I never really cared for too many sweet things before, but now? I love them. I can't get enough pumpkin food products. Ice cream? Before.... not so much. Now? We've had it for dinner more often than I like to admit. Fruit? Delish! Dunkin Donuts is our breakfast of choice on Sundays that T drums for our church. (Don't worry; we do eat healthier foods as well.)

The OWT says that if you crave salty food, you should expect a boy. Sweets your thing? A little girl is in your future. This is an obvious point for girl.

OWT total: 9 OWT for girl and 3 OWT for boy.


  1. its looking decidedly pink around here!!! this OWT worked for me, potato and savory with my boys and sweet citrus fruits with my girl!!

  2. Can I just say that I am loving all of these OWTs!!! Keep 'em coming!