Monday, October 10, 2011

OWT: Skin under left eye

Today's OWT is one that is not as common. Or at least it wasn't to me before I started this series.

This tale "determines" the baby's gender by you looking into your left eye. If you pull down the bottom eyelid, look into the white of you eye and see a red "V" (or "branches"), then you are having a girl. No V= boy

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a V (indicating girl). I tried taking a picture, but the camera on an i.Phone 3G is not quite the best camera for that job. Side note: If you try this one and you have a poorly lit bathroom, don't  use a bright flashlight directly on your eye to help you see. lol

So the total for the OWT are 10 OWT for girl and 3 for boy

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