Friday, October 7, 2011

OWT: Preferred side of sleep

Today's OWT is brought to you by sleep. More specifically, the side I am currently preferring to sleep on.

Pre-pregnancy, I couldn't fall asleep unless I was on my right side (sometimes, very rarely, my stomach). These days, I find myself tossing and turning, struggling to find a comfortable position, before I can fall asleep. However, I seem to wake up several times a night on my right side, usually with my left leg thrown over poor T or kicking him. So I'm going to say I prefer to sleep on my right side, even if the Timmy wishes it were different.

The OWT says that those pregnant women who prefer to sleep on their left side (like all good pregnant women are recommended to do) are having a boy. I, on the other hand, am apparently not a rule follower and prefer the right side, which the old wives say means girl. Point for girl. (And here I thought team boy was going to catch up!)

Total: 7 OWT for girl and 3 OWT for boy

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