Tuesday, October 4, 2011

OWT: Morning Sickness

Today's OWT deals with that nasty feeling and experience: morning sickness. I think it's mean that they try to trick you into think that "morning" sickness only happens in the morning. BS! That sucker happens any time of the day without warning. Psssssshhhhhh!

The OWT says that if you experience horrid morning sickness, then chances are baby is a girl. If not, boy. I have been nauseated without fail since about 8 weeks, but I've only thrown up a handful of times. Therefore, I'm not sure what to put as the winner here. I'm leaning towards the horrid morning sickness part because it's only gotten worse since I've entered the 2nd trimester, instead of better (like the books and websites say). This would mean that this OWT would be girl.

Total: 6 OWT for girl and 1 OWT for boy.


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  2. Interesting ! I totally hear you the morning sickness is actually anytime of day/all day sickness. Dunno who called it that, probably a man...
    As far as the morning sickness severity went, I found my FIRST to be the worst I thought I would die, I lost so much weight and couldnt even keep down foods. My second was a bit better, mostly nausea and some vomitting. My last was one concentrated week of puking but besides that I just felt 'off' for 16 weeks!
    Hope you get to feeling better soon! Enjoy the middle of the pregnancy, the sneaky MS can return right at the end along with heartburn and an inability to see ones southern parts, like toes!!