Thursday, May 14, 2009

One reason to hate movers


The Timmy moved from south Georgia the end of April to the Charlotte, NC area. We are STILL waiting on his movers to deliver his things. Not very happy.

The small print (that they give you AFTER they load your things) says they have 21 days to get your things to you. The Timmy figured out that the 21 days will be up tomorrow. Still waiting.

I've been sitting around an empty apartment, waiting to hear that they would be there soon. No such luck, yet.

Let me remind you that the movers have his things. No tv, no furniture, nothing. There is a leaky blowup bed and a folding chair. Thank goodness for books and laptops or I would be going insane. Right now, I am in the apartment complexes club house, using the free wifi. Thank you, Village at Lake Wylie, for having free wifi available for your residents.

But something positive to note: The Timmy and I are getting married in exactly six months! November 14, 2009: Here We Come!


  1. Holy shit. Those bitches need slapping. How did that work out? When was the stuff finally delivered?

  2. 26 days after it was picked up, it was finally delivered. Not everything was in good shape and he was missing some wii games.

    We had to call in a higher power to get them moving. We called my Jewish uncle. It worked. lol