Saturday, June 27, 2009


I found THE shoes for the wedding at Macy's yesterday. Best part? They were on sale! Thank you sale days!

They are red Bandolinos that go with the red in my dress perfectly. I am beyond excited. Shoe shopping hasn't agreed with me much in the past, due to my short, wide feet with high arches. Not to mention I incline to pick flip flops and flats over heels and real people shoes. But I suppose it's time to grow up and, on my wedding day, I will be wearing these.

Of course, I'm thinking practical right now as well. Once my feet tire of wearing those shoes, and they will, I have a back up pair.

I can't forget my trusty Reef flip flops now, can I?


  1. Love them both and I can't wait to see the dress with red in it!!! Mine had black on it, so I'm all about dresses that aren't solid white.

  2. Great finds.!! Those red shoes are AWESOME.. would be perfect for wedding. Those flip flops are sooo cool. I will certainly check out Macy's sale.