Friday, January 15, 2010

Not speaking too soon...

I hope. Knock on wood.

My iPhone decided to take a little dip yesterday. Apparently, it didn't know that water+electronics= BIG trouble. Well, it does.

First thing I did, after saying some choice words that would make a sailor blush (and I know... I married one), I turned the blasted thing off. I shook as much of the water/tea out as possible, then I shoved it in a baggie of uncooked rice. I left that sucker in overnight.

Woke up this morning to the phone dinging. I don't know how it got turned back on; Maybe it really is alive. However it was dinging. I went to untuck the phone from its nice bed of rice, thinking "it's a miracle!" It was working fine, except the back light was not working. I could hardly see the screen with lights shining on it. Nighttime? Ha. That would be pointless. That wasn't going to do.

Enter Google. I googled EVERYTHING I could think of. The tea bath triggered the bottom moisture sensor, so I knew I couldn't take it to an Apple Store. They'd probably laugh and then ask $500+ for a brand spankin' new iPhone. I ain't made of that kind of money!

Last resort: I found instructions on how to take that bad boy apart. Heck. It was worth a try. I was already screwed with the warranty by triggering that water sensor. I took it apart and got a tad bit overwhelmed. Okay. More than a tad. Googled directions to put it back together. All of the directions caused a bit of forehead sweating and shaking. I didn't think I could do it.

God really does answer prayers! Not that I doubted this, but, you know, as more proof that He does. Cable 3 finally fit where it needed to. Cable 2 and 1 easily followed. An easy pop in, a couple of teeny tiny screws and putting the Sim card back in, I said a silent prayer as I pressed the power button. *God, Please, please, please just let this turn on. I'll make do without the back light. Just let the phone turn on and work like it did before I tried to "fix" it. Please.* Back to the first sentence of the paragraph, He answered my prayer...

And then some! Phone turned on! WITH BACK LIGHT! I ran in to the bedroom where the Timmy was sleeping with my lit up phone, shining it in his face, telling him to wake up, wake up and see! Tested it out. Made a phone call. Things are working. With light.

Maybe the gospel music the Timmy put on before he fell asleep helped. All I know is God is good... ALL the time.

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