Friday, March 19, 2010

40 bags in 40 days Challenge

40 bags in 40 days started as a challenge for Lent, but I decided to modify it for me and my tastes. The purpose is to rid your life of clutter. You can use any size bag from baggies to large leaf bags, but you have to fill one every day. It can be a trash bag full of trash that you toss or a grocery bag with a few clothes for Goodwill or whatever you want. You just do it every day for 40 days.

It started this earlier this week. Day one was a bag of items I needed to mail off. Day two was a bag of trash. Day three was a sack of past issues of Cosmos and Real Simples to a friend. Day four was a bit of a cheat- I ate some leftovers, emptying two baggies. That counts, right?

Day five is today and I have yet to fill a bag. I need to get on this!

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