Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day Twelve of 30 Days of Me

How you found out about blogger and why you have one

I've known about blogger for what seems like forever. I just never had one because I was able to use other social media sites for the same reason. But, as more and more people use such sites (i.e. facebook), I've felt that I can't really express myself. That's how my blog was formed.

Occasionally, I even feel hindered on here. I want to vent certain thoughts and feelings, but I am worried that they will be talked about behind my back amongst people that should just talk straight to me. Or, likewise, people will start incessantly harassing me about things I wrote on here. That's why I quit livejournal and myspace. That's not quite why I'm avoiding facebook right now, but I still feel that way on there from some people.

So, a question/favor for whomever is reading this blog: If you know me in real life and I write something on here, will you just keep it pretty much to yourself? You can (privately) ask me about it, but not too much. Please? Things are about to get crazy around here and I know I'll need a place to share my inner joys and struggles.

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