Saturday, January 22, 2011

What makes you uniquely you?

Most of my 'unique' personality traits are something that someone else in the world may have, just maybe not the full list.

A list of things that, combined, make me uniquely me:
  • Female
  • married
  • Two mutt-type dogs: Isabella Chacharita (aka Izzie), a 5 year old yorkie-chihuahua mix and Shizelle Noelle (aka Ellie), a 1 year old Australian Shepard-black lab mix
  • Type 1 Diabetic for 15 years today (post on that to come later). Only type 1 in my family.
  • Lover of books
  • Sarcastic sense of humor
  • Used to meditate in 7th grade homeroom with my good friend, Airhead :)
  • Youngest child, with two real brothers, two step-sisters and one step-brother. Plus my many wonderful sisters-in-law (from my marriage and my brother's marriages) and my sisters from another mister and brothers from another mother.
  • I have the CUTEST nieces and nephew. Ever. No competition. At all.
  • I want to adopt someday and cannot wait for that day to arrive. Sure, I hope to have my own as well, but adopting? That's something I've always wanted to do, from the time I was a little girl, playing with my barbies.
  • I can play the viola and cello, but not a guitar or piano.
  • I taught myself how to sew.
  • I once had a couple of photographs I took in a juried art show.
I'm done making this list, but I know there are tons more that I didn't mention. If you know me in real life, what do you think I left off? What do you think makes me unique?


  1. I would love to adopt some day as well :)

  2. Adoption has been something I always wanted to do to, since playing with my dolls as a little girl :0)

  3. My dream is to adopt one day, too. And I am totally jealous you play the cello! That's awesome!

  4. Hmm, I can see you and Tim adopting. Wouldn't that be lovely. I don't know enough about your little personality traits, but I do know that you are amazing!