Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Virtues and education

What virtues do I value in myself? I... I... I don't know. I don't know what virtues I have. I try to make wise decisions. One of my New Year's resolutions was to avoid situations that make me someone I don't want to be: jealous, inebriated, unwholesome, frivolous, greedy, etc. I am striving to become someone that will make my husband, my family and, most importantly, God proud.

Right now, I am full of love for so many people; some I show on a regular basis, others I have in my heart and I need to work harder to show them that they are loved. I have hope that I will let my control issues go and learn to trust. And, what I believe is extremely valuable to me, I have faith. Faith in God, faith in others, faith in Timmy and faith in myself.

Such a smooth segue

I am a student. I am a student of life. Everyone is. My teacher is Jesus and our textbook is the Bible. I need to study the Book and learn different things my Teacher has to teach me. I'm most certainly aiming for a good grade to show I have learned the lessons that everyone needs to know. Right now, my lesson seems obvious to me. I need to, and am in the process of, learning patience.

Patience as the wife of the Timmy. I need to hold my temper. I need to let T help me more. I need to help him more. And I need to do it with a smile on my face, without sarcasm in my voice, without roughness in my actions. And the hardest type of patience right now: the wait to become a mother. It will happen. Someday. Somehow. But it might not be how I plan.

Because, honestly, it's not really my plan, is it?


  1. Wonderful! I know that when you surrender your patience for a child that God will show you the answer you have been seeking. Love this post! Hey by the way, The Timmy needs a blog. Can you put that bug in his ear or have you already?

  2. He has/had one, but he doesn't update it. I don't think long entries are his style. He's more into the short facebook style entries at the moment. I'll see what I can do about him getting a blog or updating his or something, even though we have a deal that he doesn't read my blog (his idea/choice), so I'll probably not get to read his. He says that way I can write whatever I want/need without fear of his judgment. He actually does the same with you. I tell him when you write something he might be interested in and he does the same with what people say/post on facebook for me.