Thursday, March 17, 2011

But why did it smell like Egg Nog?

Guess what I did today.

If you follow me on twitter (@jemini602), you know that I painted our 3rd bedroom. It's been empty for a few months and I've been meaning to paint it now, instead of later. The Timmy bought the paint for me to do it back in January, but I just kept putting it off. It was taped and ready to paint for a few weeks now, just waiting for the paint.

Not anymore. My best friend in the entire world is coming to see me next weekend and I thought that it was high time to finally paint the room. So I did.

Here it is with a nice coat of "Mermaid Treasure".
It's more turquoisey aqua in person

Very nice.
But my big question is: Why did the paint smell like egg nog? Seriously.


  1. Very nice! Egg nog though? That's a little weird...

  2. Ooooo I likey! I can't find you on Twitter...find me!! @MrsCandyHearts

    Egg nog...hmmm...did you have a glass of wine with that paintbrush?

  3. Wendy- Done! I just followed you on Twitter. And, no, no wine with the painting. I wish! I touched up some today and it still smelled like egg nog. Super weird.

  4. i love the color! I have never smelled eggnog. good or bad smelling?

  5. You've never smelled egg nog?!? What?!?

    It's a milky sweet smell with a hint of spice. I guess that's one way to explain it. Any one else want to try?