Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ellie Belly

I often post about my Izzie, but not often do I show pictures about our other dog Ellie. Ellie is an Australian Shepherd/ Black Lab mix. This means she has the extreme energy of one breed and the extreme stamina of the other. This dog never stops. Seriously. You should see our backyard from her running in circles and all of the windows on the back of our house from her jumping on them. Disaster area.

But enough of the negative. Here are some pictures of Monster Ellie being cute.

Bath day. Drying out in the sun. :)

Already dirty, but she loves being in the grass. T cut the grass minutes later.
From Winter: She would just lay in the snow, chewing her bone.

She liked to dig her head down in the snow. Notice the snow on her nose.

Her favorite hobby: Watching TV. See the back of her head in the lower left side of photo. Here she is watching The Jungle Book, but Glee is her favorite thing to watch, along with almost any musical.


  1. sounds like a perfect dog for you two!

  2. Perhaps. She loves to cuddle with me on the sofa watching people sing. I'm going to try out Mamma Mia with her tonight since T is on nights.

  3. I love that your dogs name is what we plan to call our little girl! hahaha. What a cutie :)

  4. I always loved the name and puppy came before baby, soo... lol