Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Why her candle was lit

On October 15, I noticed a friend had a candle lit on her Facebook wall. If you remember my entry from that day, you were to light a candle in memory of your lost pregnancies and infants. I knew my friend (we'll call her Cassie) was pregnant, due at the end of September with her second child, a boy to be named Ethan. Well, I couldn't remember hearing anything about his birth and neither could Timmy (Timmy works with her husband).

I sent Cassie a private message asking if everything was ok because I knew what the candles stood for because I had one lit as well. This is what she sent back:

"Everything is not ok. I went into labor September 29th and when I got to the hospital they couldn't find Ethan's heartbeat. I delivered him at 5 pm. Our hearts are beyond broken and we are just asking for thoughts and prayers as we try to cope/heal/make sense of this. Thank you for checking in and for any prayers you have to spare."

That's what I was afraid had happened when we didn't hear joyous news of a baby's arrival.

So I'm asking you, as I hold my baby girl extra close, to pray for this family. Hold your kids close and pray for all of the families dealing with similar scenarios. Hold your babies close and pray for all of the families who would desperately love to have a baby to hold.

What else can you do in a time like this?

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