Monday, December 3, 2012

Selah's Advent- Description

I was recently asked how we were doing our Advent calendar for Selah this Christmas. For one, it's less of a we and more of a me. Since T is working so much this month, I decided to do it on my own this year. I mean, he IS part of it, but I planned most of it. Two- Selah's "gifts" aren't wrapped like most people's Advent calendars are. She's (almost) 9 months. She doesn't know. I also don't want her to get too used to getting gifts and this would seem like a gift every day for almost a month. Nope. Not doing it. Instead, it's like a Christmasy surprise every day.

The Bible verses come from here. The ideas for the items/activities (activities coming soon!) have spurred from many places. I considered doing Christmas themed books for all 25 days, but that's a lot of books. So then I thought Christmas themed books AND movies* (we could enjoy the movies as well, right?), but that only totaled, like, 10 that we already owned. 15 short and I didn't really want to go out and buy 15 more. Then I thought about adding random God-themed books we owned to the Christmas books. This is God and Jesus's holiday! But it still didn't add up to 25 and, again, I don't really want to buy a lot new for this. Then I thought to add some activities. Most Advent calendars are mostly made up of Christmasy activities (ie caroling, decorating cookies, looking at lights, snowmen, eating candy, etc), but Selah is too little to enjoy most of these this year. That's why our list isn't made up only of these, but they have been added to the list randomly (one this week!). Throw in some Christmasy PJs or two and that's how we got our list of surprises to lead up to December 25th- Christmas Day!

Hope this helps!

*Today's item (the CD) is the only CD on the list. It's special to this day in memory of my wonderful grandfather's birthday. :)

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