Thursday, January 31, 2013

I now understand

We keep losing Selah socks and I'm thinking Ellie is the culprit. This video helps explain it.


  1. Ha!

    Seriously though, it could also be the washer. When my son was little we had a service call on our washer and the service man found several itty-bitty socks inside the guts of the washer. They can get thrown over the rim of the drum during the spin cycle. Now, I wash all of our socks and other small items in a delicates bag.

    My name is Selah too. :)

    1. What a fabulous name!

      Yeah. I keep meaning to get a lingerie bag for her socks, but i forget every time I'm out. I'll have to get it ASAP, just in case. (Though, I'm pretty sure it's the dog. I find missing socks with her more than I'd like. ;) )