Thursday, January 3, 2013

Picture wrap up of my 2012

Warning: This post is heavy in pictures. Obviously.


Nursery was as complete as it would be until December 2012.

Baby Showers brought Selah's beautiful hand-me-down bassinet from my mom. She even made the linens!


9mo pregnant!


My only "Official" Maternity picture, taken the night before SF was born

A baby was born.

Selah Faith: Our Drummer Girl!


Grumpy bunny's first Easter

Nerd baby alert!

My love!


From happy... sad? My drama queen


Lots of naps in our K'tan

Rocker baby!


First professional pictures

First 4th of July

Slept through first fireworks

First "solids": Carrots for our bunny

DJ Selah

First pool time


Selah was Dedicated!

First time swinging in the park


Sitting up!


Apple picking (Or hay eating)

Aviator baby at her first airshow

In the cockpit of a plane just like Uncle Brian flies


Little Pumpkin

First Halloween: Mama's "Social" Butterfly

First Pumpkin Patch visit


First Santa visit. No tears!

Hanging her Baby's 1st Christmas ornament on the tree

First time painting=LOVE

You know what else = Love? Candy canes

Christmas pictures taken. 99% turned out AWESOME.


First visit to a Christmas tree farm

Another Santa visit

Lighting the Menorah with Daddy

Visit to Daniel Stowe to see Christmas lights
Iced Coffee and a brownie tree for Santa

Selah Claus's first Christmas!

As you can see, my 2012 consisted of Selah. Sure, other things happened, but the best things of 2012 were related to my baby girl.

And I wouldn't have it any other way. :)

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