Monday, March 25, 2013

If I were...

If I was a pasta, I'd be bow tie pasta.
If I was a cupcake, I'd be funfetti or lemon... or a mixture: funfetti lemon! (Selah'd be a Key lime cupcake. Right, Mel?)
If I were a band, I'd most likely be Nellie McKay. A little random.
If I had a hammer, I'd know how to use it. And if T had a hammer, he'd use it to pull up weeds.
If I were a dancer, it would be hilarious. I am NOT coordinated enough to dance. ever.
If I had a dog, I would love it and hug it and dress it up in pretty dresses. Done, done, done and done.
If I were a movie, I'd have an awesome ending where the underdog wins and they all live happily ever after.
If I had wings, I would have to buy new shirts.
If I were to meet you on the street, there would probably be some awkward moments, followed by joy and laughter, followed by more awkward moments as I fight staying with you and continuing on my way.

And that's where I am now. Struggling between writing more nonsense and bidding you adieu. Awkwarddddddddd. 

So yeah

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