Thursday, March 24, 2011

Awkward is spelled with two Ws

I made a bad choice. No, it's nothing life threatening or anything, but it still was a bad choice.

I agreed to meet up with an old friend/ex-boyfriend/part of a family I cherish deeply and his girlfriend. In fact, I encouraged it. They were in town because his job may be transferring him her in the next few months and I found out. I said nonchalantly that the four of us should meet for dinner while they were here. I didn't even think twice. I've met him before for dinner before when he came to Charlotte, but I had never met his girlfriend and he, apparently, had never met T. His girlfriend was hesitant to meet me. Heck, I was her boyfriend's high school girlfriend. But I persisted. I said that she wouldn't be able to avoid me forever, even if they didn't move to town. Like I said, he is part of a family that I have been friends with for a long, long time and I don't plan on ending that friendship any time soon. She finally relented. The four of us went to dinner tonight and it seemed to go well, even though I had been tipped off that girlfriend was expecting that evening to "suck". I'm not sure how she actually feels the evening went yet. I'll find out within a day or so I suppose.

I, however, am kind of regretting it. It's not the meeting her part of it that is bugging me. It's how I callously did what I wanted without concern for other people's feelings, mainly T. That must have been so awkward for girlfriend and the Timmy. It would have been for me if I was meeting one of T's ex-girlfriends, especially if she had been a serious girlfriend at one point. Especially if she was still a friend of his. Especially if she was a tight friend of the family. How intimidating!

And there I went, jumping into a dinner with them, thinking it was no biggie. It very well could be a biggie, emotionally, for many (if not all) people involved. She was hesitant for her own reasons and I thought she was just being silly and hardheaded. She may have known the awkwardness that would be there. I like to plan things and situations out in my head. I should have seen this coming, but, alas, I didn't. And T may have suffered for my carelessness and lack of knowing. I hope not. :(

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  1. unfortunately, this is apart of life. There will always be a moment in the relationship where the north meets south,or old meets new. It's how you handle it. Sounds like you are handling it well. I hope that he realizes that you were just trying to be friendly. Love you