Saturday, April 23, 2011

Do you like the Beatles?

Abbey Road is real (busy) road in London and it is a real crossing as well. Thousands (or more!) of people visit it every day, to see it, take pictures of it and take their picture crossing it. That's right. People actually stop traffic to take a snapshot of them crossing Abbey Road, often it the same style as the famous Beatles album cover.

Cover of Abbey Road
This site is oddly fascinating to me. It is a live video of stream of Abbey Road from a camera that is in place 24/7. I watched for only 5 minutes and saw multiple people almost get hit by cars and at least 10 groups of people taking a picture their version of the cover. I like to watch it and see what these unsuspecting people do and what lengths they go to to get a picture.

Man. This makes me sound like such a voyeur. Ha ha.

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