Friday, April 22, 2011

Today is Earth Day...

... and the 2nd anniversary of when T and I got engaged!

Here's a brief synopsis of how it went down, as I posted on our wedding website, oh-so-long ago. [Spoiler Alert: I said yes. lol]
After eating at the sushi restaurant where they had their first date, Timmy and Beth went for a moonlit walk on the beach. Standing side by side, gazing up at the bright starry night, Timmy asked Beth "How much do you love me?" To which she replied, pointing up at the stars, "From here to there, and back." Timmy reached for her and said "Then prove it", holding out the box which held the sparkling ring. "Will you marry me?"

I know that I will always remember it. I was so lucky that day. :)

Accidental vampires: One of our engagement photos
 Golly. I sure do love that guy.

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