Friday, April 1, 2011

Up yours, April Fools

This will probably be a short, quick little post, but I have something bothering me about today. Today is April 1, aka April Fool's Day. Today is also a day that most women of child bearing age choose to use one of the oldest April Fool's jokes: "I'm pregnant".

It was different when jokes were just spread in person. "Ha ha. That's funny, now let's continue our conversation." Now with facebook and twitter, people post status updates that you can't tell is a joke until the author of said update types that it is. "What? Really? ....Wait, is this a joke? *hour+ later* Ok. That is a joke." Now, I'm not a spoil sport or anything. The jokes can be funny, but I don't think the "I'm pregnant" joke is funny. It hurts to read updates from people that they are pregnant, right after they just had a baby months ago or when they have had several children already. It hurts when it isn't a joke, but even more so when people choose to use that as an April's Fools joke. To see that kind of update, when I so desperately want to be pregnant myself, hurts (joke or not). It hurts when it comes from people that aren't trying or didn't want another child, joke or not. I'm sorry, but it does.

Oh, snap. This sounds like a bit of jealousy. Perhaps it is. :( I'll post later with my penance.

Now I do like April Fool's jokes. See here for last year's blog joke from me.

Apparently, one of the suspected April Fool's jokes may not be a joke. If it is a joke, then that person is not the person I thought she was. But if it isn't, then that friend has hurt me more than she will ever understand by not telling me personally like she did her last child.

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