Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Personality Test- based on images

The Intellectual Hippie

You love to help people, but usually find unconventional and subtle ways of doing it. You're fascinated by what the human mind is capable of creating, and seek the world for moments to enrich your life. You love psychology and philosophy. Your respect for all living beings makes you a humble and likeable person, and the biggest reward is when you get to impart your knowledge to those around you.

The Intellectual Hippie
  • 25% sociable, adventurous, outgoing, energetic
  • 75% sympathetic, modest, compliant, forgiving
  • 33% efficient, organized, thorough, self-disciplined
  • 67% curious, unconventional, imaginative, artistic

Is this me? What do you think? Please take this test and let me know what you get. I think it is super interesting!


1 comment:

  1. hmmmm- I got the Life Surfer:

    You surf on life, enjoying the best bits. You're curious and like to meet new people, as well as learning about the human mind. You search for new experiences and adventures and love to share them with friends. You're creative and approach challenges in a broad way. Spontaneity and diversity guide your actions, which makes it difficult for you to focus and commit.
    * 63% sociable, adventurous, outgoing, energetic
    * 38% sympathetic, modest, compliant, forgiving
    * 38% efficient, organized, thorough, self-disciplined
    * 63% curious, unconventional, imaginative, artistic

    I don't know if I agree...hmmmm. Although I agree that you love to impart your awesome knowledge :-)