Monday, July 9, 2012

Break the ice with an amusing video and then deliver news you may not like


Then read:

I'm 90% sure I'll be going semi-private on this blog sometime in the near future. Let me know if you want to be on the exclusive list of future readers in the comments or email me. But let me be honest. I may or may not let you. My hiatus from blogging is not due to being busy with Selah. It's due to not being able (or allowed, really) to write about what is on my mind and bothering me.

If I do go semi-private, it won't be permanent... hopefully. It'll just be until certain people and things resolve themselves and until people come to ME and ask ME how I am, instead of consulting this blog exclusively.


  1. So sorry you're having trouble. I'd love to be on your list! I like seeing your updates about your sweet Selah!

  2. Soooo I would still like to be part of your blogging world. What else would I read on Sunday mornings? If you want to talk sometime I am usually home.... a lot... :) - Michelle Bridges