Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sharing (Part 1)

Mommy and Daddy say I need to learn to share.

I'll share my toys with you.

Well, except my Anna doll

You can ride in the car with me.

I saved you a swing

I'll give you some of my eclair from Amelie's.

We can ride together in the cart at Target.

I'll even let you sit in my chair at the table. I left my veggies for you.

I have a chair for you to sit outside with me.

I'll even throw a ball to you!

Wait, what? Mommy and Daddy say I'll have to wait until New Years to meet you.

I'll be ready for you!

Baby #2 due New Years! We are so excited!

Be sure to read Sharing (Part Two) for more on our little Miracle


  1. God is good and God is faithful. Congrats and I can't wait to make some more baby reveal cupcakes ~ no peeking!!! ;)