Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sharing (Part 2)

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It's true. I am pregnant. Finally. But, like all of my other pregnancies, this one couldn't just be easy.

I found out I was pregnant on Mother's Day. What a fabulous gift! This pregnancy would be it! This one would be normal!


At my 6 week ultrasound, the tech saw the sack which measured correctly. However, she did not see the baby developing like it should have. It was nothing more than a "yolk" (her words) without a heartbeat. At 6 weeks, there should have been a heartbeat.

The doctor said with a look of sadness on his face that "it was still early" and that "we should wait to see at another scan in a week or so". I knew what that meant. I've already lost 4 other babies. He was just giving me a week or so of hope before my baby would be gone from me forever.

I went home in tears. My next U/S would be at 8 weeks since I was about to leave town for my niece's graduation in Florida. I quickly contacted some of the most reliable, most trusted people in my life who promptly started praying for me and for my baby.

I prepared my mind for the (assumed) fact that I was about to have another miscarriage. I cried. Oh, how I cried. I yelled at God. I even had several moments where my faith wavered. How could God be doing this to us again? I pleaded with God. I remember, the night before the ultrasound, absolutely poring my heart and soul out to God, begging him "Please! Please! Please don't let me lose another!" Verbally yelling this to Him. Then I just decided to give it all to Him. I kind of just gave up that night and said that this baby was His to do with what He wanted, no matter how much I wanted it here. I handed all of my fears and worries over.

I went in to the ultrasound room expecting to hear that the baby was officially gone. I had even made peace with that. But I was in for a shock.

As I stared at the ceiling waiting for the ultrasound to be over, I hear the tech say with shock in her voice "Everything looks great!" Wait... What? "Look. The baby is measuring right on track. There is it's little heart pumping away."


Not only was the baby alive, but it's growth had caught up 100% and it has a strong heartbeat. They seemed as shocked as I was. As I am.

But you know what? I shouldn't be. God works MIRACLES. He works them all the time and I am proof. My baby is proof!

So yeah. I am currently almost 10 weeks pregnant, due New Years. I am announcing this early and I am one to know for a fact that things can change, but I want everybody to know about the miracle that God has done for us.

Because God is good. ALL the time.

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