Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My biggest supporter(s)

... and I'm not talking about my bra here. It's day three (plus a month or so) of Diabetes Blog Week and this is about my biggest supporter when it comes to diabetes care. And I have several.

When I was diagnosed until even now at times, my biggest supporter was most definitely my wonderful mother. She was the one who made sure I had medicine and food and she was the one to drive me to the hospital the few times I've had to go. This woman was the one who took of work when I was in high school to drive to my school when I wouldn't (couldn't) leave for lunch, due to low blood sugar. That was the time I was so out of it that I hit her, scratched her, spit juice/soda all over her, etc. She ignored that nastiness because she knew I needed her and I needed the sugar she was trying to give me. My mother has given me life more times than I can count.

My current biggest supporter would be my adorable husband. Timmy knows what I am feeling before I can even tell him. He will jump up and grab whatever I need to help raise low blood sugars. He stays awake with me when my blood sugar drops at night to make sure I am safe, even when he has to wake up at 4 or 5 am. He's the one who loves me when I'm crabby and when I'm weak. He loves me when I'm high and low and all that's in between. I am certainly lucky that I have him.

My biggest four legged supporter is Izzie, my CGMS (Chorkie Glucose Monitoring System). She barks to wake me up in the middle of the night to alert me to low blood sugars, then continues to bark until the Timmy wakes up. If I'm low, she follows me until she knows I am safe. If I'm high, she'll sit and stare at me until help arrives. She is my best friend and I am hers.

Doesn't she look good in a sombrero? :)

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  1. Aww, so glad to be a part of your life and that you are my brother's other half. I support him supporting you!