Saturday, April 9, 2011

Gratitude and smiles #42-51*

Remember this post about this book? Well, that book... I now own it. My wonderful husband surprised me with it just the other day and it shows me how much he knows me. I am a girl who reads, so a surprise book is like a surprise bouquet of flowers. It shows how much he really cares. (note to T if he happens to read this: Flowers are still nice, as well. :) ) I can't wait to read it.

In honor of receiving Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts and also my jealous thoughts that needed penance, I am adding to my list of things I am grateful for and things that make me smile.

42. Packages in the mail.

43. Good friends who understand.

44. A job nannying a super cute, super sweet little baby boy.

45. Food Network competition shows

46. Mio drink flavors

47. A certain preteen not showing signs of a childhood cancer reoccurring

48. A plethora of unread books on my bookshelf

49. A plane ticket to OK for a family wedding.

50. My husband's excitement about pictures he took of a thunderstorm.

51. Baby ducks. Too cute!
I wanted to take one home, but Mr. Reasonable said it'd be a bad idea with our crazy dog.

*I am considering the list here numbers 12-41. I am completely thankful for those traits of his.


  1. I am grateful for a wonderful sister in law that adopted our family as her own the moment she said I do! PS Tim is right a duck would have been a bad idea. But Joslyn can say Duck so cutely!

  2. I fall in love with any animal I meet and want to take them home, so it's good that T is a voice of reason with them.