Monday, May 9, 2011

Admiring our differences

Diabetes Blog Week Day 1: We are all diabetes bloggers, but we come from many different perspectives.  Last year, Diabetes Blog Week opened my eyes to all of the different kinds of blogs (and bloggers) out there – Type 1s, Type 2s, LADAs, parents of kids with diabetes, spouses of adults with diabetes and so on.  Today let’s talk about how great it is to learn from the perspectives of those unlike us!  Have you learned new things from your T2 friends?  Are D-Parents your heroes?  Do LADA blogs give you insight to another diagnosis story?  Do T1s who’ve lived well with diabetes since childhood give you hope?  Pick a type of blogger who is different from you and tell us why they inspire you - why you admire them - why it’s great that we are all the same but different!!

 I have no idea how the D-Parents (parents of a diabetic) do it. I mean, I know how I feel at any given time and I generally know what I need to do to make myself feel better. D-Parents who are taking care of sometimes very young children? Wow. How do you guys even know what to do? Hospital education only goes so far. Most of diabetes (in my opinion) is knowing how you are feeling. Sure, blood sugar tests are good for knowing the exact(ish) number you are at, but I know how I feel in between tests. You don't know how your children feel. I know if I feel crummy and won't really feel like consuming much food (or consuming a lot of food!). You d-parents out there have to just guess. You guys don't know if your child is refusing to eat because of the d or because of being a kid. I understand that certain things have to be done or else I will die. How do you guys get your kids to understand that while giving them as normal of a childhood as possible? You guys must have a sixth sense for diabetes knowledge and understanding for your child.

I think you d-parents are total rock stars. :)



  1. :) Right back at ya! I am grateful for the PWD bloggers. The insight is invaluable.

  2. I think D all comes down to Love, Faith and Trust. No matter which part of the fence you sit on.