Friday, May 13, 2011

Life with Diabetes isn't ALL bad

Awesome things - Friday 5/13: In February the #dsma blog carnival challenged us to write about the most awesome thing we’d done DESPITE diabetes.  Today let’s put a twist on that topic and focus on the good things diabetes has brought us.  What awesome thing have you (or your child) done BECAUSE of diabetes?  After all, like my blog header says, life with diabetes isn’t all bad!

 If you've read my blog the last few days, you'd probably think life with diabetes is completely horrible. While it's definitely not all rainbows and unicorns, it's also not all bad.

For example, diabetes has taught me not to take things (and people) for granted. I've come so close to dying more than once because of diabetes, but I didn't. (obviously) Without those unfortunate reminders of my mortality, it probably would be like most other twenty-somethings out there, thinking I could live forever. I know I can't. Like I said, I've been close to it before and it is not fun. So I try to not live with regrets. I help out people to the best of my ability. I tell people when they've done a good job. I never go to sleep or say goodbye without telling my husband that I love him, even though it annoys him too no end (Seriously, T. Why?). I will tell you that I think you are awesome. You may doubt it, but you are awesome to me. I'm not going to die (hopefully, not any time soon!) without all of the wonderful people in my life knowing how much I appreciate them.

It is hard at times to find the positivity in hard situations. Diabetes (while being a pain in my fill-in-the blank) showed me to not take things for granted. Our heartbreaking miscarriage has taught me to appreciate a baby even more when we are finally blessed with one. God does things for a reason.



  1. Great post, Beth. So true, that He does do everything for a reason, and giving us the ability to appreciate what we have and not take life or things for granted is just one of those. Thanks so much for writing and sharing this.

  2. Yes, he does Beth. And I, "D", has made me appreciate my friends and family so much more. I realize our reality is different than most. Our lack of gaurantees in life is magnified by the presence of "D".

  3. Sounds like a great way to look at the positive. I'm sure it must be very difficult but the things you are grateful for are awesome!