Thursday, May 19, 2011

Don't worry, I still have plenty to say

I've just been a bit busy the last couple of days, causing it to be difficult to post as frequently as I'd like. In fact, this short and sweet entry is being typed in my iPhone while my husband snores away next to me. Ha ha. Autocorrect just changed snores to s'mores. I wish I had some s'mores right now, especially the kind we perfected last spring/summer. Instead of regular marshmallows, we used peeps. When the outer layer of peep sugar roasted in the fire, it almost becomes caramelized. Yummm-yum! We even have two boxes of peeps my mom sent us for Easter and plans for a firepit in our new patio before the end of June. Sounds like a plan!

Where was I? Short and sweet... Right, right. Well, I atleast got the sweet part right. I'll be back soon with more words of importance and not just fluff. ;)


  1. Great.

    Now I'm craving fire roasted Peeps!

    Thanks A LOT :)

  2. Haha!! I loved this post, it is sooo how my mind works. I start out talking about one thing and get super excited about something like SMORES! Now that is all I can think about too!!! :)