Monday, May 16, 2011

Who I am here.. or is it Who am I here?

Since D-blog Week (diabetes blog week) is over and I gained some new followers during that time, I felt it may be a good idea to explain what this blog is about.

But first! Aren't you excited that I actually finished something that I started? I know. Seriously, it is a rare occurrence. BUT I did it and I'm super proud.

Ok. Back on the topic.

I am not a diabetes blogger, but I am a blogger with (type 1) diabetes. I am not a pregnancy loss blogger, but I am a blogger who has had a miscarriage. I am not (only) a religious Christian blogger, but I am a blogger who is Christian (and you aren't going to change my mind). I am not a craft blogger, but a blogger who can be crafty. I am not a marriage blogger, but a blogger who is married. I am not a military blogger, but I am a blogger who has several friends and family members (including husband) who have served our country (and some who still are). I am not a political blogger, but... Yeah. I will more than likely not blog about politics. I am not an activist blogger, but I am a blogger with passions. My blog is more like a stew or soup. A big hot mess of all of the above, plus a few extras thrown in. :)

Like my description says: "I'm a daughter, a sister, a niece, a granddaughter, an aunt, a wife and a friend. I am a lover, not a fighter. I'm a dreamer, not a planner. I am a believer, not a doubter. I make love, not war."

Take me for what I am, who I was meant to be. And if you give a d#*n, take me, baby. Or leave me. (10 points if you can name the song and where it's from. [I am keeping track... lol])

Still love you guys. :)


  1. I like who you are...I don't know the song though...can I still come over here to read?

  2. It's Take Me or Leave Me from Rent. :o) And it's nice to learn a little more about you. Thanks!

  3. Duh... Rent (Take Me or Leave Me). I lub you, Bef! :-)


  4. Reyna: You can always come over and read!

    Amy and Megin: You guys are so right. 10 points awarded to each. It seems like you both may love musicals as much as I do! I know Megin does. :)

  5. Rent is one of my favorite movies, we must watch it when you come to town. Getting super excited to see you guys!